Emotional Reminders (Reminder #17)

Today was tough. Therapy session number two. It started badly, because I was feeling impatient and didn’t see it going the way I was feeling it needed to. My therapist was very understanding, calmed me down, and now we’ll see how it goes week-by-week.

I’ve never been the type of person who can open up without prompting, so my therapist (who is very quiet, more of a listener) wasn’t really engaging me to start with and I didn’t know how to begin without prompting. It occurs to me now, though, that I do it here all the time. I’ve spewed all sorts of emotional vomit across my blogs without even a second thought, so why is it so hard to do in person?

For now, I have no idea. I’m feeling too raw and exhausted to even consider trying to figure it out tonight. I just want to sleep and try to bounce back.

My reminder to myself for today is: you didn’t give up today, be proud of that.

Good night.

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