A Tiny Rant

So, I’ve been seeing ads all over Facebook and Google for a service called BetterHelp, which is an online therapy service that operates (I believe) worldwide. You are matched with a therapist based on your answers to a very short questionnaire, and from there it starts. As much therapy, as often as you want, forever (I assume).

My issue with BetterHelp, and the reason I’m really turned off this service at the moment, is because I spent a few days reading up on the service online and the only mention of cost that I could find was in the FAQs under “How will I pay for my membership?” Even there it wasn’t specific with the price, simply stating: “While face-to-face counseling can cost $150 to $250 for a single session, the cost of counseling through BetterHelp ranges from only $35 to $70 USD per week for unlimited access to your counselor.”

In order to get a firm price for membership for myself, I had to go through the entire questionnaire process, which was understandable, and then they went ahead and matched me with a therapist. In and of itself, this doesn’t seem like an issue, except for the fact that they matched me with a therapist before giving me a price and asking me to pay, so when I decided that I didn’t want to go ahead at the moment, the therapist very kindly continued to email me to “check in”. Now none of this seems particularly awful, and it’s not – only deeply frustrating – but it seems the only way I can answer the therapist to say “stop emailing me, I’m not sure if I want to sign up yet,” is to sign up and pay so that I can send him messages. I could cancel my account, but I’m still not sure if this is something I might want to pursue in the future if face-to-face therapy doesn’t work for me. So, either say no completely and then start from scratch if I change my mind, or say yes now and forever resent the company that suckered me out of $45. Decisions, decisions.

If anyone reading is having a better time with BetterHelp, please let me know! I’d be interested in hearing some other (positive or negative) reviews before making my mind up on it.

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