Damage Control

Yikes! So… After a monumental mistake on the part of the seller, the treadmill is not here. Sad face.

Unfortunately, they only listed the dimensions un-boxed which meant that when it showed up and was a good foot longer than it was supposed to be, it wouldn’t even fit in the elevator. I’m pretty sure that if that (pretty standard) treadmill couldn’t get into the building then it’ll be the same for any others, so it’s time to come up with a new plan.

‘Old me’ is having trouble with this because ‘old me’ doesn’t do back-up plans. ‘Old me’ comes to a bump in the road, throws her hands in the air, engages in histrionics, and then lies down on the ground for the foreseeable future. I’m feeling self-aware enough at the moment to realise I’m on the brink of an ‘old me’-esque breakdown, so step one of the plan is:

Keep it together!

(I feel like this should be my version of a “live, love, laugh” wall hanging at this point.)

Parts two and up are still being worked on. I really don’t want to go to the local gym because that way lies bright lights, loud music, and strangers. I have similar issues with outdoor exercise. Maybe there’s something smaller than a treadmill that would be a good, at-home, all-body workout. Any suggestions are welcome!

Until step one is firmly underway and going well, I’m going to try to scrounge up the motivation to do my walking challenges outdoors (wish me luck) and continue posting here. Writing this blog is great because my perspective shifts so much from day to day that it’s nice to be able to look back and read things from the more optimistic me.

In the hopes that it’ll give me a more positive outlook on being outside, and perhaps stave off the anxiety attacks for a while, I’ll try grabbing some better quality photos of the local area if the weather is nice. I’m lucky to live in a place that’s beautiful – although I’m sure you can find beauty anywhere – and I have incredible scenery and surroundings. It would be nice to share some of that.

That’s pretty much all for today. Until tomorrow!

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