From Me To You

A friend is suffering through something painful right now, and has been questioning her self-worth. Of all the people I know, I think she deserves to feel that way about herself the least. Words will never fix the break that’s there, but I said some things to her that it occurs to me are also relevant to how I feel right now, and anyone else reading who might be suffering and questioning their validity. So, please, if you’re in a place like that, consider these two things:

It’s OK to feel. Right now you’re in pain; be in the pain, for as long as you need to be, and let those emotions move through and beyond you naturally. Hurts pass, pains fade, and darkness gives way to light, but don’t rush them. Let yourself naturally grieve, or rage, or sulk for as long as you need. Your emotions are never something to be ashamed of.

Secondly, please remember that you’ll never see yourself with truly honest eyes. You’ll never see yourself the way your loved ones or friends see you. So stop trusting your own, biased eyes to tell you what kind of person you are, and start looking at how you’re seen in the eyes of the people who truly love you. If we all saw ourselves the way that our loved ones see us, I truly believe society would be a much more content place.

My friend is strong and tough, so I know she will come out on the other side of this in a better place. For the rest of us currently in the same boat as her, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we mimic her success.

‘Til tomorrow!

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