Small Steps

Today, I walked 1,434 steps (so far). For some, this isn’t even an achievement, this is the distance they walk to catch a bus to work, or running around after the kids, or going from class to class. For me, it’s a big deal, because leaving my apartment has become a borderline traumatic event.

The last time I went in to town, I had to go and buy an outfit for a funeral, and the minute I got to the shopping centre I knew it was a mistake. The crowds, the loud noises, the bright lights, all of those things on their own are equally hard for me to deal with since I became ill, and combined they’re almost impossible to handle. I ended up fainting in a clothing shop. Not my finest moment.

So, leaving the house is, for me, a really big obstacle and one that I choose not to tackle most of the time.

Part of my Noom journey involves a walking challenge every day – one which has steadily decreased day-by-day as the app realises I’m not fulfilling these simple challenges every day. Today it challenged me to walk 500 steps… Barely any distance at all! That’s how low I’ve set the bar for myself.

Luckily, my treadmill arrives tomorrow and I’ll be able to put in some more time meeting those challenges without putting myself through a mental breakdown every time I think about going outside. And hopefully, I can push/encourage myself enough to begin trying a couch to 5k app as well.

On the plus side, when I was outside today, I did get an opportunity to take in some of the beautiful Spring scenery around me. A little reminder that painful things can have worthwhile rewards.


Have a great day, everyone!

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